Rice Greenhouses Potted Geraniums

Many geraniums have been renamed by the breeders recently. Former names are shown under the new name to help locate them.

Photograph Name Culture Notes
Good for Baskets and PotsIvy Geraniums (Trailing)Easy to grow!
Contessa Burgundy Bicolor
Ivy Geranium
sun/part sun
Geranium Contessa Purple sun/part sun
Geranium Contessa White
formerly Luna
sun/part shade
Tolerates dryness
Geranium Freestyle Arctic Red sun/part shade
Tolerates dryness
Freestyle Cherry Rose
Ivy Geranium
sun/part sun
Freestyle Orchid
Ivy Geranium
sun/part sun
Temprano Lavender
Ivy Geranium
sun/part sun
Temprano Dark Red
Ivy Geranium
sun/part sun
Temprano Pink
Ivy Geranium
sun/part sun
Temprano Salmon
Ivy Geranium
sun/part sun
Good for pots and bedsZonal Geraniums (upright)Easy to grow!
Americana Rose Mega Splash sun/part shade
Americana White Splash Improved sun/part shade
Americana Violet sun/part sun
Caliente Fire sun/part sun
Caliente Pink sun/part sun
Calliope Dark Red sun/part sun
Classic Mosaic Purple
formerly Avenida Mosaic Purple
sun/part shade
Classic Mosaic Red
formerly Avenida Mosaic Red
sun/part shade
Classic Pink
formerly Blues
sun/part shade
Classic Red
formerly Diabolo
sun/part shade
Classic Salmon
formerly Schoene Helena 09
sun/part shade
Classic White
formerly Alba
sun/part shade
Fidelity Hot Pink
formerly Tiffany
sun/part shade
Fidelity Magenta
formerly Magic
sun/part shade
Fidelity Dark Red sun/part sun
Fidelity Salmon sun/part sun
Rocky Mountain Dark Red sun/part shade
Rocky Mountain Lavender sun/part shade
Rocky Mountain Magenta sun/part shade
Rocky Mountain Pink sun/part shade
Rocky Mountain Red sun/part shade
Rocky Mountain Violet sun/part shade
Tango Dark Red sun/part shade
Tango Lavender sun/part shade
Tango Light Pink
formerly Bravo Light Pink
sun/part shade
Tango Neon Purple sun/part shade
Tango Red sun/part shade
Tango White sun/part shade
Tricolor sun/part shade
Geranium Wilhelm Langguth sun/part shade

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